City Car Washing Made Simple

You own a car, you live in the city. The next question becomes, how do you keep your vehicle clean? Perhaps like many urban dwellers, you live in a large apartment complex. Washing your car be a tricky situation if you don?t have water hookups. Or, even if you do have hookups, there can be restrictions on their uses. So what is a car owner to do who wants to keep their car clean?

One of the easiest methods for all you city folks is to try the waterless car wash method. It is one of the most efficient ways to wash your car today, especially if you live in a city. Simply take a small spray bottle of waterless car wash formula down to your car along with several microfiber towels. Spray the car, wipe clean, and smile.

You get the same result as if you were to pull out the hose and bucket. Plus, there is minimal risk of scratching to your paint when applied to lightly/moderately soiled surfaces. The average waterless car wash formula will yield 4 – 10 high quality washes from one bottle. Another added benefit of a waterless car wash is time and water savings compared to a regular washing.


A growing number of waterless car wash products have come to the market. A leader in this growing field is eco touch? waterless car wash + polish. It is completely non-toxic, biodegradeable and petroleum-free.


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