Simple Tricks To Maximize Your Fuel Efficiency

Although nobody likes doing it, paying for gas is essential to getting around in your car. You can’t avoid it, but you can maximize the time between trips to the gas station with just a few easy tricks outlined in this article.

Don’t drive on poorly inflated tires. Aside from the safety advantages of properly inflating your car’s tires, you can expect to see a notable increase in fuel efficiency when you’re running on full tires. Many gas stations provide air for free, so there’s really no excuse for missing this one.

Ease up on that gas pedal. Accelerating aggressively forces your car’s engine into high RPMs and burns gas at a much higher rate than accelerating at a steady pace.

In addition to aggressive acceleration, uneven fluctuations on the gas pedal while attempting to travel at a consistent speed will play havoc with your fuel efficiency. If your car has cruise control, make use of it to maintain consistent use of gas.

Speed limits can be bad for your wallet if you break them and get ticketed, but they can also save you money in fuel if you stick to them. Driving fast increases wind resistance against your car, forcing your already busy engine to work harder the faster you drive. Save yourself tickets and fuel by driving at or under the recommended speed limit.

With regular use, your fuel filter will begin to cause fuel efficiency problems. Dirt collects inside the filter, eventually restricting the proper flow of fuel to the engine. Ideally, you should change the fuel filter once a year.

A slightly less technical trick is to simply remove excess weight from your car. The trunk is usually the biggest culprit for dead weight, and loosing unnecessary pounds will keep you from wasting fuel.

All these simple and easily accomplished tricks are a sure way to increase your car’s fuel efficiency and put off those dreaded trips to the gas pump.


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