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Confused? Handle Car Shopping With Ease With This Advice

This can be difficult if you are trying to make as much as possible from you.

Before you leave to shop for a car, decide on what you need. How much do you afford to spend? How many passengers will be in the car to seat? How many miles to the gallon would you interested in? Do you want a four door or something a sedan? Make sure to jot down all the things that you want in your car to have.

Get your loan for a car online prior to going to a dealership. If you have pre-qualified for a loan, you will have a much faster transaction.

You can save thousands by doing some research online. Once you know which vehicle you like, you can go there to test it, or arrange for your local dealer to obtain it for you. If the source isn’t too far away, make the drive to save the most money.

When shopping for a car, think about how the fuel economy can affect you. You may be yearning for a big V-8 that can tow things.

Test drive your proposed vehicle you are interested in before beginning any negotiations. No matter how perfect the car looks, test it out before you buy. There is nothing that can replace the actual experience of driving the car. You may find out that the ride or coarse handling.

Rent a car in order to test them out. This will help you a good idea of what it is like to drive. Go on a trip in that car stands up to the abuse. This is an excellent method of getting comfortable with a car prior to committing to one long-term.

Try to shop for your new vehicle towards the month’s end. Most car dealerships have monthly quotas to meet and they must reach.

You might not get the exact car that is perfect for you. Not having heated seats should not make much of a difference in your driving experience.

Ask if the car can be inspected by a third-party mechanic. This should be someone you can trust. Don’t use a dealer suggests. A good mechanic can help you determine whether or not the car is in.

When you found a car that you’d like to look at, go over it with a fine-toothed comb. Look for scratches and dents on the car. Look inside for upholstery and carpeting issues. Keep in mind that it’s yours after you have made a purchase. This includes any and all damage on the car.

Avoid purchasing any used cars. This decision that you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. You should get at least a two or three month warranty with your purchase.

Now that you’ve read this piece, you should have more knowledge on how to negotiate with the salesmen in order to obtain the best possible. Then you do not need to worry about a barrage of confusing information, because you will be prepared for what is likely to occur. You should be ready to get started after reading the information here.

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The Art Of Car Shopping Through Haggling

Are you wanting a vehicle? Does the very idea give you to death? Read this article for the best tips to help you will find out that purchasing a car is not that hard after all.

Get your car loan lined up before you even walk into a dealership. If you have a loan in-hand when you visit the dealership, the entire process will be quicker.

Shop around online before you go to a dealership. You shouldn’t visit the dealership after you know absolutely which make and model you want. You should do a little Internet research first to see what brand might work for you, the safety records and other information that a dealer will not discuss.

When negotiating cost, think about the entire price, not just the monthly payment. Dealers are able to get any car into a particular monthly payment level, but you’ll pay monthly prices for years on the total cost of an outrageously-priced car. Negotiate the best overall deal for the car. Then calculate what that works out to on a monthly payment you can afford is.

If the dealer vetoes this, take your business elsewhere.

Never disclose the trade-in, incentives, or what you want until you have a price ironed out. These items should all be taken off the rock bottom line price. This ensures you get a better deal.

Test drive your proposed vehicle you are interested in before beginning any negotiations. No matter if you are set on a vehicle, you still need to test it yourself. There is nothing that can replace the actual experience of driving the car. You may find yourself unpleasantly surprised by a rougher ride than expected or coarse handling.

Try renting cars to get a car in order to test it out.This will give you get a good idea of what it is like to drive.Go on a long road trip in that car stands up to the abuse. This is an effective way to get acquainted with that type of car before you to be comfortable with it before spending the commitment to purchase.

Try to shop for your vehicle towards the month’s end. Most salespeople have monthly quotas they would like to reach for each month.

Do not talk about your trade-in vehicle right off the bat.Wait to discuss your trade-in vehicle until after you have negotiated the sales price of your new vehicle.

Search the web if you want to buy a used car deals. You often do not even need to set foot on a dealership. Try Craigslist, if possible. You can also save some money this way.

Once you find a car you like, it’s time to pull out the fine tooth comb. Look for external scratches and dents on the outside. Check the interior to see if there are stains or tears.Keep in mind that a car is all yours after you buy it. This means to look for any damage

You should be more confident after reading these tips. The ideas presented within this article are really good ones, so use them to make your ride to a new car an easy one. Everyone close to you will benefit from this advice, so feel free to share it.

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V70 Delivers New Engines, E85 Option

The third model to use the Volvo V70 moniker was officially unveiled by Volvo at this year?s Chicago Auto Show which was held on the second of February. Unlike its previous generations, the new Volvo V70 delivers with a new five-cylinder D5 diesel engine, a four-cylinder flex-fuel option, and a new top-end six-cylinder twin-scroll turbo engine, plus an E85 option.

The second-generation D5 five-cylinder diesel option integrated to the estate produces 185 horsepower and 400 pound feet of torque across its range. The D5 features a new electronically controlled turbocharger, engine management system and more advanced multi-point injection technology. The estimated fuel consumption is 6.5 l/100km with CO2 emissions of 173 g/km. The vehicle will be available in a FlexiFuel E85 alternative. The FlexiFuel model uses a four-cylinder naturally aspirated engine that is quite capable of generating 145 units of horsepower.

The new Volvo V70 is an estate version of the second generation Volvo S80, which also incorporates significant Volvo S70 parts. The Volvo V70 shares the same metal sheet with its siblings however it uses Volvo?s new design direction that combines Scandinavian and modern styling. The latter can be reflected in its different bodystyles that include the grille and the front bumper. The dashboard and the majority of the interior of the car are basically the same, nonetheless.

?This segment has been our specialty ever since we invented it back in the 1950s,” said Fredrik Arp, Volvo Cars President and CEO. “Our competitors can count on us remaining number one in the future, too. In the all-new V70, rear passengers and luggage both ride in first class.? Arp added, ?The attitude towards the modern wagon has undergone a significant change. With greater focus on design and comfort, the all-new V70 is both luxurious and practical. It’s not just for families with growing children but also for active people that demand everything of their cars. In fact, we expect that half of all V70 buyers won?t actually be families with children.?

As the estate version of Volvo S80, the Volvo V70 is not really a direct replacement for the previous model. The latest version is designed to compete with the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and the BMW 5-Series estate versions while its predecessors were aimed at the class below.

The use of the Volvo V70 moniker suggests continuity with the automaker?s estate range. The estate is available in as front or all-wheel drive with manual, automatic or Geartronic, semi-automatic gearboxes. Just like its predecessors, there is an all-wheel drive only variant with raised suspension, plastic body cladding and an interior grab handle. This version was famed as the Volvo V70 XC for the older cars, but was later renamed the Volvo XC70.

Also followed from the previous generation was the use of 5 cylinder, 20 valve inline transversely mounted engines. All but the bottom range 2.4 employ turbochargers with either low or high pressure depending on the model.

According to the automaker comfort is a major consideration on the Volvo V70. The seats use the orthopedic design to offer utmost comfort and support. Dual-zone climate control, high end audio equipment with the Dolby Pro Logic and sub-woofers are available on all models.

The Volvo V70 is also equipped with driver, passenger, side and curtain airbags as standard features. Also featured on the front seats is the WHIPS whiplash prevention system. It also features the BLIS blind-spot sensor system that is designed to detect vehicles within its ?blind spot.? As a Volvo vehicle, the V70 use headlamps that are designed to provide extra visibility. The vehicle got five stars in the NHTSA safety testing.

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Concept Mouldings Aims To Make Vehicles Safer For Pedestrians

From the dawn of the automobile era up to this day, vehicles have undergone much improvement. On of the more notable aspects of a car that has received much attention from car manufacturers is its safety. As a matter of fact, one car manufacturer stands out because of their safety features – Volvo.

But car makers are not the only agencies making and doing their contributions to the advancement of safety in passenger vehicles. Other companies specialize in the different systems and they also do work with car makers so as to integrate their developed safety systems in the cars that are being sold in the market.

Vehicle safety though does not only pertain to the safety of its occupants in cases of collisions. A vehicle is also considered safe if aside from keeping its occupants safe, it also does not possess serious threats to pedestrians and cyclists. This is the aim of Concept Mouldings in the development and production of active and passive pedestrian safety systems. The company is currently looking for partners in the automotive industry to integrate their products to vehicles that are available to the public.

One of their most notable developments is the Frontal Protection System. The use of the said technology on vehicles makes them up to 50 percent safer to pedestrians and cyclists. The concept of the system revolves around the absorption of a significant amount of force in cases of collisions with pedestrians or cyclists.

The company has been developing safety systems for vehicles for more tan 15 years. Their expertise and experience made them one of the most sought after suppliers of vehicle moldings and accessories. Vehicles such as the Land Rover P38A Range Rover have been employing safety systems developed by the company since 1993. And recently, the creative engineering solutions provider is actively seeking for more partners in the automotive industry during the European Automotive Design road show.

The Endura FPS from Concept Mouldings is the company?s newest system. The system is integrated into a vehicle?s front end and is designed to absorb much of the impact in the event of a collision with a pedestrian. This system, while providing safety for person on foot, also offers adequate protection to a vehicle?s front end components like the radiator and the engine. The product provides good protection to pedestrians if the brakes are not enough to avoid a collision with a pedestrian.

Currently, while Concept Mouldings is still seeking for more partners, they are offering their products as aftermarket parts. This is suitable for drivers who want to make their car safer not only for themselves but for those they might happen to bump into. The company is looking forward to the integration of their products to vehicle designs in a few years time. They have a wide array of patented safety systems which they are willing to provide to companies who are willing to enter into a partnership with them.

If the company joins with another automotive company, the development of the safety systems will be much improved. Concept Mouldings looks to develop the Endura FPS into an active pre-collision device. The product can be integrated with other safety systems in a car just like airbags. These airbags can be deployed to protect a pedestrian from hitting a vehicle?s windscreen, the company also looks to develop a technology that will prevent or reduce the risk of pedestrians from going under a vehicle in the event of a crash.

The products of the company have been tested on different vehicles and the result shows that with their FPS, the risk to pedestrians have been significantly reduced. They have even tested their safety systems on vehicles built for the 1992 model year.

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Geyser Windshield Changes Drivers? Window On The World

At the 2008 Geneva Motor show a prototype vehicle, the Hidra, by famed Italian automobile designer Leonardo Fioravanti of Pininfarina fame, opened up the possibility of windshields unfettered by ubiquitous, but thoroughly inelegant wipers. The Hidra, a five-door, four-seat futuristic beauty relies first on its sleek, aerodynamic design to allow rain and debris to roll off more efficiently. The vehicle?s windshield, however, also employs a sophisticated four-layer cleaning system dubbed the ?Geyser? that utilizes nanotechnology for self-maintenance.

The first layer of the Geyser windshield is based on the use of titanium dioxide that serves to provide ultraviolet protection while distributing accumulated water evenly across the surface of the glass. Without the beading common in typical windshields, visibility is automatically enhanced by the hydrophobic properties. Nano-dust particles in the second layer serve to push accumulated debris to the edges of the windshield where small, embedded nozzles blow the material away to the side. The third layer serves a monitoring function, actually alerting the second layer to the presence of dirt and the need to start working. The fourth layer, which has the ability to conduct electricity, is the power plant behind the whole operation.

The Geyser system not only greatly enhances the safety of the vehicle by insuring maximum visibility at all times, but from a design standpoint, opens up the range of possible form factors for the windshield itself since the need to fit wipers to the glass surface no longer exists. The Geyser windshield is fully functional in the Hidra prototype and its designers predict it could go into mass production for use in this and other cars within five years.

Nanotechnology has been increasingly incorporated into vehicle surface treatments to protect both the paint and the surface of the windshield. For instance a product called NanoSafeguard Auto Glass Sealant promises to coat a car?s windows to create an environment with only minimal contact to foreign matter. The greatest advantage to such treatments is that they make cleaning dirt and dead insects away without the need for cleaning agents and hard, physical scrubbing. The Geyser system takes this concept to a much higher level of evolution, however, and as a self-contained system which eliminates the need to apply sealants, should appeal to other carmakers looking to incorporate the technology into their products.

The Hidra coupe, conceived in Fioravanti?s studio in Moncalieri, Turin, is itself a lovely, elegant car of the future, but its windshield technology more than the vehicle itself attracted attention in Geneva. Illustrating the perfect marriage of innovation and standard automotive functionality, the Hidra, equipped with the Geyser windshield, promises to change the way drivers think about maintaining their window on the driving world.

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Ford Motor May Collaborate With Toyota Motors

The drive to reduce the dependency on non-renewable sources of energy has been the focus of most government agencies and private sectors in the global community. In the forefront of the battle to reduce the harmful emission of greenhouse gases is the automotive industry. Different car manufacturers are taking it upon themselves to develop new ways to decrease the emission of harmful gases by vehicles out in the roads of the world. There have been partnerships between car makers and companies in the alternative fuel industry too. And more recently, there are talks that Ford and Toyota will be joining forces to do battle against the global warming issue via the use of hybrid technology which will make their vehicles cleaner and safer for the environment.

Recently Kyodo News, a non-profit cooperative news agency based in Tokyo reported that the Chief Executive Officer of Ford Motor Company has shown strong interest in making their company?s alliance with Toyota stronger. The news cited that the partnership might be in order to further develop the existing hybrid technology used by both car makers in their vehicles.

In connection with this, Ford CEO Allan Mulally said that a working agreement between the two companies in the development of alternative fuel powered vehicles will be beneficial to both parties. ?I anticipate that the automobile manufacturers will increase their collaboration and their partnership on developing the enabling technology for even more fuel-efficient vehicles going forward. It is a kind of natural thing for us to do, to accelerate the development of the enabling technologies?, Mulally said.

It can be remembered that Toyota has already hinted that they are open to the idea of working with other car manufacturers in the development of technologies that can be used on vehicles to decrease or even eliminate the greenhouse gases being emitted by these automobiles. In 2004, Toyota has already shown that they are looking for ways so as to help the environment more than competing with other car manufacturers. This is evident in the agreement between Ford and Toyota that allowed Ford to use Toyota’s hybrid system technology patents. Instead of keeping it for themselves, they shared the technology that they were able to develop with Ford and this now helps in the popularity of environment friendly hybrid electric cars.

Both parties know that the development of technologies that will help reduce the dependency of vehicles on fossil fuel will cost them heavily. But both of them also knew that such is the price for the development of current technology especially if the result is beneficial to the entire human race. Toyota is currently working with another US based car maker, General Motors, but the working agreement does not include the development of fuel cell as alternative source of energy for vehicles. This is the direction that Ford wants to go since they have already proven themselves in the production of hybrid electric vehicles just like Nissan Altima parts proved to be reliable in the long run.

It can also be remembered that last December, Toyota Chairman Fujio Cho had talks with Mulally. The move was seen to be the start of something new in the automotive industry. While Mulally had talks with the chairman of Toyota, he said that he has yet to meet with Cho but he has no specific plan yet. He added however that he is interested in having further talks with Toyota’s leadership team.

While Ford is interested in working together with Toyota in the development of technologies that will make cleaner vehicles, they are not as interested in an alliance with Chrysler. When asked about that, Mulally was quoted to say, ?I don?t think so.?

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Finding The Right Used Car For Your Teenager

Okay, you’re thinking of buying a car for your driving- age teenager, and with the price of new cars climbing you’ve decided on getting one that’s pre-owned.

These tips will help steer you towards a used car that fits the bill without breaking your budget.

� The first step is to determine how the car will be used by the teen. If it’s for commuting or trips to college and back, then gas mileage and comfort may be your biggest considerations. With gas prices high, fuel economy is an important consideration.

� Make a list of some vehicle safety features you’re looking for. For example, are you interested in anti-lock brake systems and integrated seat belt systems?

�?Before you start shopping, set a budget for how much you want to spend. Research a few models that meet your criteria and price range. The Web sites and offer pricing information and comprehensive advice on buying a used car.

� Obviously, finding a safe and reliable vehicle for your teen is top priority. The Carfax Safety and Reliability Report allows you to view the auto industry’s leading used-car safety ratings, reliability scores and reviews in one step. The information compiled in these reports can also give some good general advice.

� Now you’re ready to start visiting dealers. For any vehicle you consider, ask detailed questions about the vehicle’s performance and history, and request maintenance and inspection records. Also, get a Carfax Vehicle History Report (most dealers will provide reports for free; you just have to ask).

� Always test-drive prospective cars on city streets and highways. This will give you a chance to thoroughly examine the car. Have your teenager drive it if you can. Make sure everything on the car works properly-brakes, gauges, lights, windows and locks. Also have a mechanic you trust check it out.

� In addition to that, you should take a look to make sure the body parts line up, the paint matches, doors open and close easily and the tires show even wear.

� Get a copy of “Finding The Best Used Car,” available from the Federal Consumer Information Center in Pueblo, Colorado ().


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